Give your companies a boost with Envestors Marketplace

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58% of start-ups fail to reach their potential

The early-stage investment space is disconnected and inefficient. Simply, it's too hard for start-ups to get the support and investment they need to grow, reach their potential and exit.

Introducing Envestors Marketplace

A branded channel for venture builders, accelerators and start-up enablers to showcase their portfolio – enabling your companies to get the support, contacts and investment they need to drive growth.

How Showcase can help you and your portfolio

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More exposure, more opportunity

A listing in our marketplace gives you and your companies more exposure. Whether they are fundraising or in between rounds, more eyes on your portfolio means more opportunities to make the connections that count.[/cl_service_icon_small]

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Light-touch, high impact

Self-service features, intuitive UI and automation mean you can reap all the benefits of having an investment platform without any of the heavy lifting.[/cl_service_icon_small]

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Balance exposure with confidentiality

With publishing permissions and a secure data room, give companies broad exposure while letting them decide who sees their most sensitive documents.[/cl_service_icon_small]

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Take the mystery out of fundraising

Empower your companies with rich analytics on supporter and investor interaction. With engagement tracking, companies can understand if they need to push harder on marketing or revise their proposition.[/cl_service_icon_small]

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No effort regulatory compliance

Our platform and processes were designed with regulation in mind. We keep on top of regulatory requirements so that you have confidence you’re on the right side of the regulator without lifting a finger.[/cl_service_icon_small]

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Make it easy for investors

With a branded channel in our marketplace, investors never have to wait for a pitch event to learn about your companies.  With always-on access, it’s easy for investors to find the deals that match their interest, conduct due diligence and pledge investment.[/cl_service_icon_small]

Designed to help you help your companies

A branded, customisable channel for investment

Rich and easy-to-use cusomisation features enable you to create a branded channel in our broader marketplace to promote your companies - whether they are fundraising or in-between rounds.

Increase your exposure, engage supporters and investors, and track interest with analytics dashboards.

Rich company listings

Help your companies get exposure with rich company profiles. Give them the tools to drive engagement with supporters, mentors and advisors with a built in 'follow me' feature, Q&A, secure data room and more.

Deal listings to drive investment

Make it easy for investors to find your companies' investment opportunities, engage with them, conduct due diligence and to pledge.

Self-service tools for creating and publishing deals

Showcase helps your companies create better deals faster. Via a guided process entrepreneurs can create rich deal profiles, receiving a real-time score and feedback on how to improve their deal before they go to market.

Engagement dashboards and activity tracking

Track how investors are engaging with your portfolio and empower your companies with their own dashboard so they can see first-hand how their deal is performing, make adjustments where necessary and reach out to investors who are exploring their listing.

Don't Miss Out

We are accepting a limited number of clients for our launch programme. Please get in touch now and we can show you how it could work for your organisation.
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