How to be an Armchair Investor

You’re an experienced investor. You have a diverse portfolio, you enjoy watching entrepreneurs pitching their investment opportunities and networking with other likeminded individuals. This is how you’ve always done it. Only now […]

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How to be a Pyjama Pitcher

Introducing the pyjama pitchers—the adaptable, intuitive and determined entrepreneurs who secure investment without ever leaving their living rooms. Pyjama pitchers say ‘not going out? No problem!’ and successfully woo their counterparts – […]

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Raising Equity Finance: Liquor in the Limelight

As part of our sector-specific spotlight series, Envestors is turning its attention to investment in the UK alcohol industry.  Despite the so-called ‘Millenial sober revolution’, a team at University College, London recently […]

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Overfunding is great – right?

Scale-ups seeking equity finance should always overfund. Or should they? Customers are keener than ever to invest in the brands they love, which means that we are seeing records levels of scale-ups […]

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Making the most of R&D tax relief with BDO

The Government’s R&D tax relief scheme could provide start-ups and scale-ups with a valuable cash boost. R&D tax relief has been available since 2000, when the Government introduced the scheme to encourage […]

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5 Tips on How Not to Sink Your Start-up

This probably won’t be the first time you hear the depressing statistics that four out of ten start-ups reportedly don’t make it to their fifth birthday. However, failure is not always a […]

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