The sun also rises

2020 has been a tumultuous year for growth businesses, but things are looking up. This year, private UK companies have seen a diminished investment landscape, but one which seemed to be picking […]

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JPIN VCATS joins the Envestors network

Envestors is pleased to introduce our newest network partner, Euro-Asia focused angel network, VC, as well as startup mentor and global advisory, JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd (JPIN). JPIN is an international extension […]

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The 13 slides your pitch deck needs

Getting ready to meet investors and ask for funding can be daunting, but preparation and proper financials are key as you take this giant step.  Only 2% of pitches are successful. In […]

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How to be an Armchair Investor

You’re an experienced investor. You have a diverse portfolio, you enjoy watching entrepreneurs pitching their investment opportunities and networking with other likeminded individuals. This is how you’ve always done it. Only now […]

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Raising Equity Finance: Liquor in the Limelight

As part of our sector-specific spotlight series, Envestors is turning its attention to investment in the UK alcohol industry.  Despite the so-called ‘Millenial sober revolution’, a team at University College, London recently […]

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