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Connecting high-growth UK companies to Chinese institutional
investment opportunities.

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Throughout the last decade, China has evolved from being a sourcing destination to being the world’s strongest sustainable growth market. China’s economy is the second largest in the world, and the country is currently experiencing rapid changes in demographics and spending power.

Exciting new sectors and opportunities are opening up on the Chinese market, but ‘scaling the wall of opportunity’ comes with its own unique set of challenges. Finding the right business partners is key in navigating cultural attitudes, government touchpoints, and stakeholders.

Our prestigious partnerships and contacts on the ground make us the perfect guide to any British businesses wanting to establish a formal presence in China. Our live events and roadshows have introduced companies to strategic market development and investor partners, enabled them to understand the key challenges and requirements of doing business successfully in China and assist in fully capitalising on this complex but essentially enormous opportunity.

Standard Package* - £1,950

*Select companies; Costs exclude VAT
We can provide guidance on your investment proposition:

  • Analysis of deal structure, valuation and investment positioning, by an Investment Manager
  • Pitch deck review, assistance and translation into Mandarin
  • 2-page investment memorandum outlining your deal, in English and Mandarin
  • Inclusion and translation services throughout digital industry events and competitions

Premium Package - £3,950

*Select companies; Costs exclude VAT
Our Premium package includes all the services provided through the Standard package, with the additional benefits of inclusion in notable industry events and competitions in China:

  • Investor outreach and engagement
  • Investor relationship management and introductions to a target list of Investors
  • Investor research to produce a list of relevant investors, whom you can actively target
  • Companies that wish to contact investors directly may use the FCA regulated Envestors platform at a cost of £95/month to process and secure deals.
  • Select companies may apply to our investor relations module, priced at 6% of deal values
  • Inclusion in industry events and competitions in China

[cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6081″ title=”Digital pitching events” custom_icon_color=”#ffffff”]Get included in a series of live-streamed pitching events, which aim to facilitate Chinese investment into UK companies. Get in front of a curated group of investors who hold various funds in foreign currencies and aim to invest globally.[/cl_service_icon_small][cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6083″ title=”International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) digital event”]We will facilitate inclusion in the International Technology Transfer Network(ITTN) live event, where a panel can provide expert information of how to establish a presence in China and gain access to local investment[/cl_service_icon_small]
[cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6100″ title=”Shenzhen Stock Exchange showcase”]Your company will be included in a Shenzhen Stock Exchange Investor Network digital event and showcased on their V-Next platform. The video of the pitch event will be edited and featured on the platform for another 12 months.[/cl_service_icon_small][cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6082″ title=”Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talent”]Fast track entry to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talent, with opportunities to win up to £550,000 and gain a great deal of exposure in the Chinese market.[/cl_service_icon_small]
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