White-label Investment Platform

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Grow your investor network

[cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6120″ title=””]An investment platform that’s up and running in days[/cl_service_icon_small][cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6125″ title=””]Engage your investors with curated deals and updates[/cl_service_icon_small][cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6119″ title=””]Track activity and contact the right people at the right time[/cl_service_icon_small][cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6121″ title=””]Seamlessly share deals with connected networks[/cl_service_icon_small]

Keep investors engaged

[cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6124″ title=””]Match each investor with the right opportunities[/cl_service_icon_small]
[cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6123″ title=””]24/7 Portfolio management tools for the new normal[/cl_service_icon_small]
[cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6084″ title=””]Always-on access for due diligence and founder Q&A[/cl_service_icon_small]
[cl_service_icon_small icon_type=”image” image=”6079″ title=””]Deal tracking and real-time updates[/cl_service_icon_small]

Give startups the best chance to raise funding

Your portfolio companies can broaden their opportunities and extend their reach online via a digital platform

[cl_service_icon_center icon_type=”image” image=”6129″ title=”” subtitle_bool=”yes” subtitle=”A full suite of options to customise deal profiles”]Add videos, team bios, market sizing stats and more[/cl_service_icon_center]
[cl_service_icon_center icon_type=”image” image=”6128″ title=”” subtitle_bool=”yes” subtitle=”Control who views confidential documents”]A tiered, secured data room to store sensitive documents[/cl_service_icon_center]
[cl_service_icon_center icon_type=”image” image=”6126″ title=”” subtitle_bool=”yes” subtitle=”A direct way to communicate with investors”]Founders post updates and respond to Q&As[/cl_service_icon_center]

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