JPIN VCATS joins the Envestors network

Envestors is pleased to introduce our newest network partner, Euro-Asia focused angel network, VC, as well as startup mentor and global advisory, JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd (JPIN).

JPIN is an international extension of Venture Catalysts (VCATS), India’s leading investment network. VCATS is the 7th most active steed stage investor and one of the fastest-growing networks in the world.

They count Samsung, Google and Facebook among their co-investors and are present across India, Dubai, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong. VCATS is backed by several billionaires including the Damani Group, the Haldiram Group, Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of OYO) and others.

The network has already registered 30+ successful exit opportunities, with their quickest exits in 6 months. They’ve incubated over 100+ startups and their portfolio includes several companies with a valuation of over $100M and 27+ ventures with a valuation of over $10M.

In 2020 and 2021, JPIN aims to aggressively expand its investor community in the UK. With over 4500 investors in India, the aim is to boost their network to 1000 UK members.

JPIN is on a mission to build the largest Euro-Asian corridor for angels to back early-stage ventures.

However, they’re not your traditional angel network.

They’ll be looking to also invest in the range of $500K to $20Mn in high-growth companies across the UK and India.

“We intend to put our own capital into every deal. We are backing, not just syndicating, and that’s the reason why people like us – because we have skin in the game.”

JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd has 6 founders that includes Dr. Apoorv Sharma who has backed Decacorn OYO Hotel in seed stage and the likes of Beardo, BharatPe and Supr. His achievements include building India’s first accelerator and its first incubator and being one of India’s top 10 investors for 3 years running.

Other Founders include Nayan Gala and Gaurav Singh who are based in UK for over a decade and are experienced angel investors. Their integrated approach aims to provide founders with funding, mentorship and networking.

Recently awarded as 40Under40 EU/UK- India Leader & with a background in real estate, Energy and a Masters in International Marketing, Nayan has advised governments & CXOs of large global brands, including at Siemens, Rolls-Royce, Wood Group & Champion Technologies.

Gaurav Singh has worked in M&A for Thomson Reuters and is an active angel investor with a strong network across Singapore, Dubai and the US. He has invested in blockchain, telecom, robotics and fintech, and his investment portfolio counts a unicorn.

They’re currently building an ecosystem that allows UK companies to seamlessly expand to India, and Indian companies to penetrate the UK market. They’re sector agnostic and are looking for companies with high growth potential and market opportunities in the UK and Asia, with an emphasis on India.

India is the fastest-growing major economy in the world, contributing almost 3.2% to the world’s GDP. The Indian startup ecosystem is one of the world’s largest startup ecosystems and it has generated 37 unicorns, with almost 300 more in the making.

Trade between India and the UK is currently estimated at £20Bn, with a significant increase in the last few years. However, for startups trying to enter the Indian market, there are still regulatory and cultural hurdles to overcome.

“Any startup in the UK, in the seed or growth stage will now be looking to expand into Asia. That’s where we come into the picture because we can really take them there and help them expand. In India, we know that, when they are looking to grow into the UK or Europe, they really struggle because they don’t even know who to go to. So, we want to bring good Indian startups to the UK, help them expand, and introduce them to UK investors.”

JPIN is looking beyond London and the golden triangle. They aim to grow their UK network to include investors in Scotland, Manchester, the Midlands and across the entire UK. Their goal is to build a bridge between the Indian startup ecosystem and the UK investor scene.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to learn more and get in touch with JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd. for deal syndication.