Got Fundraising Envy?

Got fundraising envy? Be like Brewdog and Monzo

Brewdog and Monzo have shaken up the crowdfunding world by raising millions directly from their own customers.

In 2009 Brewdog launched “Equity for punks,” offering shares to their customers where they coined the new shareholder nickname, ‘punks’. Since then Brewdog has gained a loyal fan base and in October,2018 they successfully closed their fifth funding round of £24m from 47,500 punks.

Monzo also reached similar success where they raised £12m from their own customers in 2017.

In their first funding round Monzo reached their target of £2m in just 96 seconds. Their second round was equally successful with Monzo customers queuing up to invest. The £2.5m funding target was not only met, but oversubscribed, with over £12m pledged by
loyal customers.

It’s clear from Brewdog and Monzo, when your customers love you this much, you don’t need to use traditional crowdfunding websites.

You too can now raise finance from your own customer base using your own fundraising platform powered by Envestors.

Here is how:

Envestors offers a fully customisable, regulated fundraising platform which allows you to promote your investment opportunity to your own customers and the broader community.

You can tack the platform onto your website, within 24 hours and completely eliminate the crowdfunding

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