Fundraising Tips for 2019: Advice from an Angel

International Women’s Day is just around the corner and we think it’s important to celebrate and listen to the advice of the women angels who currently invest in UK growth businesses.

Caroline has been an angel investor for five years and kindly gave up 60 seconds of her time to provide us with advice on evaluating investment opportunities.

Forgot your headphones? You can read Caroline’s advice here:

Q). What do you look for in a business?

A). I look for a good product or service that’s filling a gap in the market or seizing an opportunity that is about to rise in the market. I look for a very strong founder and leadership team; if the chemistry isn’t right, I want to make sure that the team is capable of quickly and nimbly making change.

Q). What mistakes do companies make when pitching to you?

A). They are over-optimistic about what they can deliver. The people in the room are savvy investors and they know that businesses take time to grow and be nurtured.  Don’t be over-optimistic in what you are offering; be positive about the business that you are growing.

Q). What puts you off an investment?

A). The biggest thing that puts me off a potential investment is if I think there are going to be complex legal wrangles.  These can be as simple as a potential dispute over a trade name or similarities with another product. I have to feel the product or service can distinguish itself from its competitors.


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