Envestors Spotlight: Female Angel Investors

Envestors has been working with angel investors for over 14 years.

One trend that is overwhelmingly prevalent is the fact that the vast majority of angels are male.  The ENVESTORS workforce is made up mostly by women, so why is it that so many of our investor meetings and events are predominantly attended by the unfairer sex ?

This investment gap needs to change, and we are delighted to be a part of this movement.

The recently published report, “Women Business Angels for Europe’s Entrepreneurs”, highlighted the issues and barriers that women face in angel investing.   ENVESTORS, with our strong belief in equal access to opportunities and our years of experience, were delighted to host the inaugural event in the ENVESTORS SPOTLIGHT SERIES.

On a beautiful May evening we welcomed 70 intelligent and distinguished women to Grace Belgravia.   We were treated to a fascinating and highly enlightening panel discussion, expertly MC’ed by Penny Avis, a member of the ENVESTORS board.

It was an extremely interesting evening with superb speakers and I enjoyed meeting your team. All very inspiring!  Emma de Courcy.

Our speakers were Caroline Carter, Modwenna Rees-Mogg, Deborah Poole and Libby Gibson, all seasoned, successful angel investors and with decades of combined experience.  They spoke to us about all aspects of investing from a female perspective – including the advantages and the challenges – and it was unilaterally deemed to be a genuinely empowering evening.  We are incredibly grateful to all of them for their time, generosity and support for this important movement.

Such was the success of the evening, repeat performances are guaranteed.  If you would like to attend future events in the SPOTLIGHT series or join the ENVESTORS private investors network please register at www.envestorspotlight.com