Envestors awarded Home Office contract to deliver endorsement services for new visa programmes

The Home Office has awarded Envestors a concessionary contract to deliver the provision of Migration Business Endorsing Body (MBEB) Services commencing Spring 2023.

Envestors has been delivering Endorsing Body Services for the Start-Up and Innovator visa categories for two years, along with other accredited organisations. In that time they have helped 291 companies. The endorsement services were a natural fit for Envestors, who work extensively with high-growth companies in the early-stage investment ecosystem and have a strong history of recognising innovation and performing appropriate due diligence checks.

Cornerstone to Envestors’ solution is its proprietary digital data management platform. The innovative platform manages the end-to-end process for applicants and facilitates reporting for the Home Office. FCA-compliant, it will also support the growth of the businesses by enabling them to connect to supporters and investors to secure growth capital through Envestors Marketplace.

Envestors has 15+ years of experience in the early-stage investment ecosystem, and over £100m raised for start-ups on its marketplace. Many years of experience in the space has allowed Envestors to deliver on its mission – to simplify the start-up ecosystem in order to enable the connections that drive growth – and cultivate a broad network of partners, including Barclays, Metro Bank, Starling Bank, CMS lawfirm, Markel financial services, and Keltie patent lawyers amongst others.

Scott Haughton, Co-Founder and COO of Envestors, says ‘we are looking forward to continuing to work with the Home Office over the next six years, building on the work we have been doing since 2020. We understand the vital role start-ups play in helping to position the UK as a global leader of innovation and inject the economy with new growth, and we’re proud to be helping more of them get established here.’

The contract will extend over the next six years, beginning in Spring 2023.

To apply, click here.

About Envestors

Envestors creates the connections that drive growth, bringing together sophisticated investors, entrepreneurs and the networks that support them across geographies, communities and sectors, into a single marketplace.

We are seasoned experts with over 15 years’ experience and have helped more than 200 high growth businesses to raise more than £100m.

Envestors is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is an endorsing body of the UK Home Office.

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