Dating app tips for companies raising capital online

The worldwide adoption of smartphones and social media has ensured that today’s singles turn to online dating apps when seeking a partner. 

However, relationships aren’t the only reason you would try online matchmaking. 

The entrepreneurs of today can find angel investors through similar matchmaking services. 

While technology does most of the work for you, any savvy online dater will tell you that you still need to put an effort into making a good impression.

Your profile is the first thing an angel investor would see, so focus on making an impression. Fill out your profile, include team information and take advantage of your platform’s media features. 

Ensure that you choose a platform that provides support for images and video, and use them to your advantage. 

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Fill out your profile, and remember to put in your company description, informational video and management team stats first.

Company description

When you describe your company, make sure you’re keeping it short. Don’t tell investors your life story. Instead, present an elevator pitch of your product. Your company video works to fill in some of the blanks. 

Outline the problem you’re solving and go over how your solution is better than any other on the market. 

Management team

Your management team is as important as your product. Thoroughly describe the track record of your key team member and emphasize their sector knowledge. 

Investment offer and valuation

The investment offer is a key element of your online fundraising profile. How much investment are you seeking? 

What is your valuation? 

What will the money be used for? 

Investors will want the answer to all of these questions when they land on your profile page.

Traction and financials

Another key element of your profile is financials. 

How many clients do you have? What shape is your pipeline in? 

In most industries, if your company doesn’t show early traction, that’s a red flag that investors may lose their capital. 

Show them your revenue model – how you plan to make money. Think about how much money you’re going to make during the immediate future and carve out milestones. 

Keeping it fresh

Once you’ve filled in all your information, it’s important to keep it fresh and up to date. Use a platform that allows you to constantly update your profile, as your team grows and you can list more accomplishments. 

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